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    Development space and opportunities

    Working at ALTAL
    ALTAL is proud of its employees and the commitment they show to developing and assembling ALTAL products together. The combination of different disciplines and the will to develop and supply high-performance heating systems makes an important difference in the global competition to be able to provide the final product to customers. Our team's ambition to repeatedly deliver innovative solutions is distinct from our team. We invite specialists with ideas and experience to get even better results.

    Working at ALTAL means that the employee carries out his activity within his own functional responsibility. Our employees are dedicated, loyal and ambitious. ALTAL attaches great importance to employee contribution.

    Company culture.
    Each company has its own culture, and ALTAL has. Culture is strongly determined by norms and values, the history and manners of employees. ALTAL appreciates a healthy, dedicated and open corporate culture. A culture in which employees feel comfortable and like to do their job, every day.

    Working conditions.
    ALTAL is a solid and reliable employer. The conditions of employment are characterized by being market compliant, flexible and aiming at continuity of employment.

    Technical support specialist

    Are you ready for the next step as an engineer and have ambitions as a technical support specialist? Then we have the job you are looking for.

    As a technical support specialist, you are the point of contact for our customers' technical issues related to our production. It covers the current operational and technical issues of our customers and international partners.
    Talk to them, analyze problems and propose solutions. In short, you are responsible for proper technical support and provide solid advice on our innovative solutions.

    As a technical support engineer, you also provide technical support to the customer support department, and you also provide technical assistance through training, customer education, and technical documentation. Provide on-site technical support to customers and participate in various international trade fairs with your team. In the field of product development, you think together of proposals for new features and new products.

    Operator CNC

    CNC operator laser cutting, laser welding, sheet metal bending

    • Technical secondary or higher education;
    • Experience in a similar position is an advantage but not mandatory;
    • Knowledge of technical drawing, working with CNC operating programs (numerically controlled machines);
    • Ability to work in a team, discipline and attention;
    • Knowledge of the use of measuring instruments (caliper, micrometer, caliper).

    We offer you:
    • Motivating salary, paid regularly and on time;
    • Official employment;
    • Stable job and modern working conditions;
    • Friendly team and professional training;
    • The possibility of salary increase as well as facilitation with prizes;
    • LV working hours, Saturday as needed, with payment of the additional fee.

    Sales Manager

    We are hiring a Sales Manager (with technical studies).

    About the Company: •
    The ALTAL production company, for 18 years, specializes in the implementation of solutions for heating / cooling and hot water preparation for homes. The production of innovative modern thermal energy equipment for homes brings a great contribution to the ecology and economy in the energy field. Our product is one of the top in the world and has a growing demand every day. The specialist is required to contribute to the increase of the company's turnover, to find the development markets. So far we have made many objects in Moldova, Moldova, the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation, Ukraine.

    Functions within the enterprise:
    - active search for new customers;
    - maintaining the existing customer base;
    - technical consultation regarding the selection of the equipment;
    - participation in exhibitions, seminars;
    - preparation of documents accompanying the business.

    Basic requirements:

    - higher or secondary education;
    - sales experience;
    - communication skills;
    - knowledge of languages: Moldovan, English, Russian, will be an advantage;
    - personal qualities: active, responsible, communicable, determined;
    - PC user;
    - category B permit with min. 2 years.

    Mechanical engineering

    It is the branch of engineering that involves the operation of machinery.

    The field of mechanical engineering requires an understanding of the basic fields, including mechanics, thermodynamics, materials science, structural analysis, and electricity. In addition to these basic principles, mechanical engineers use tools such as computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and product lifecycle management to design and analyze production plants, industrial equipment and machinery, systems. heating and cooling.

    Mechanical Engineering is a branch that combines engineering physics and mathematics, basic principles in Materials Science, design, analysis, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems.

    Design engineer

    A design engineer is an engineer focused on engineering design.

    Design Engineer is an engineer focused on engineering design, with knowledge in various disciplines (including civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, manufacturing, control systems, and structural). Design engineers tend to work on products and systems that involve adapting and using complex scientific and mathematical techniques. The focus is on engineering physics and other applied sciences to develop production solutions.

    The design engineer usually works with a team of other engineers and other types of designers to develop conceptual and detailed models to ensure that a product works, performs, and fits its purpose. They can also work with marketers to develop the concept and specifications of the product to meet customer needs and direct the design effort.