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    Production and team

    ALTAL is a dynamic team with an extremely professional, competitive ambition

    The ALTAL team, made up of specialists in various fields, uses the latest technologies in the development of innovative and high quality products in the field of production of alternative energy systems. Customer requirements are essential in this regard.
    Our team is in the process of continuously designing and building state-of-the-art heat pumps. In addition to investing in new product and production processes, much attention is paid to the cost of the final product, the expansion of production halls, and new employees.
    Focused on the application of the product, ALTAL works together with partners who each offer new ideas based on their own experience. This creates a large-scale integration that ensures ease of use and efficient use for heat pump users.

    ALTAL customers, installers, end users benefit from excellent technical and commercial support. Based on well-built knowledge in the field of thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, other fields, reinforced with a "total-care" philosophy, we work together with these customers to optimize products and production processes.
    ALTAL has proven in its 18 years of existence that it is a reliable partner, this is true for its customers, its suppliers, its cooperation partners, end users and certainly for its employees!

    Life line in cooperation with customers

    The customer support department is responsible for contacts and agreements with our customers.

    "Satisfy customers" is the motto. This means that a lot of attention is paid to the customer relationship, the questions and the follow-up of these questions.
    ALTAL managers work closely with technical support staff and development and operations staff to properly address and resolve various customer questions. ALTAL customers are located in all parts of Europe and the CIS. Keeping in touch means communication and intensive travel.
    Searching, discovering and offering to the clients from all over the world the most efficient ways and complex procedures for solving the technological operations applicable in our field of activity, which should generate their profit and pay off their investments quickly.

    Our mission
    among our main objectives, which we want to achieve in the field, makes it seem in particular:
    • Searching, discovering and offering to customers around the world the most efficient ways and complex procedures for solving the technological operations applicable in our field. activity, which will generate a profit and pay off their investments quickly.
    • At the same time, we want to focus on energy savings and environmental protection.
    • We want to develop, manufacture and deliver equipment and technologies with professional utility even in the most difficult conditions.
    • ALTAL is a partner of modern heat pump consumers.

    Technology and product development

    The Development Department works with a team of professional specialists.

    We are working on projects that lead to the development of replacing old energy systems with modern and economical ones. The projects are mainly the result of new customer requirements. These are requirements related to the operation and the possibilities in which the design and production of heat pumps can be influenced to make it easier for the user to service, operate, monitor more easily the processes of heating, cooling and preparation of domestic hot water in homes.

    New projects can also emerge from the continuous improvement of technologies on the market. ALTAL pays close attention to the design of the final product, and to monitoring its continuous settings via the WiFi network.
    This way of working means that the new product can be designed and applied quickly and appropriately.
    Within the development department, the teams of specialists work closely together to ensure that the final product desired by the customer is as optimal as possible (inside and outside are perfectly according to consumer requirements).