Full Split, EVI, Inverter air-to-water heat pump

    Full Split heat pump, 18 kW

    Inverter, EVI, Split

    The Full Split heat pump is a domestic hot water heating / cooling / preparation system with a thermal output of 18 kW, consisting of two modules: the indoor module and the outdoor module. The outdoor module consists only of the fan and the heat exchanger. The module inside consists of the refrigeration and hydraulic part.

    This system is the only one that allows the operation at ambient temperatures down to - 25 ° C with a fairly high efficiency.

    The heat pump has a variable speed double rotor compressor, a variable speed fan, a variable speed bronze circulation pump.

    The heat pump is equipped with a removable 4-inch TFT touch screen (can be installed either on the heat pump or on the wall) and can be operated remotely via WiFi.


    Color control panel

    The menu for the control and monitoring system is simple and friendly. Information about the operation of the system can be accessed remotely via WiFi using any mobile phone with OS or Android.


    Economical and budget-friendly, our products can help you stay comfortable all year long.

    Variable speed

    Compatible with the Modusys modular system, the solution is scalable upon the needs for the application.

    Energy efficient

    The ALTAL® heat pump can produce 3 times as much thermal energy for each unit of electricity consumed.


    Low environmental impact. The heating and cooling of the environment are naturally renewable and non-polluting.


    • Variable speed compressor
    • EVI technology (steam injection)
    • 4-inch TFT color touch screen
    • Variable speed fan
    • Oversized heat exchangers
    • Access WiFi
    • Variable speed bronze circulation pump
    • High functionality up to - 25 ° C
    • The refrigeration system inside
    Air to water heat pump

    Technical data

    Thermal power / A7 / W35 ° C, kW 9.11 - 19.8
    Cooling capacity at A35 / W7 ° C, kW 8.31 - 18.06
    Rated powerA7/W35 °C, kW 1.55 - 4.20
    COP/A7/W35 °C 5.89 - 4.71
    Curent nominal/A7/W35, A 20.1
    Power supply 230V/1/50Hz sau 380/3/50Hz
    Compressor EVI double rotary DC inverter
    Condenser Brazed plate heat exchanger
    Fan BLDC variable speed inverter
    Air flow fan, m3 / hour 5000
    Thermal agent R410A
    Pipe connector G1
    Circulation pump BLDC variable speed inverter
    Ambient operating temperature - 25...+43 °C
    Outdoor unit size (HxWxH) 1003x1059x404
    Indoor unit size (HxWxH) 1017X600X600
    Energy class A+++