ALTAL offers metal pipe bending serices

    Automatic pipe bending machine

    ALTAL offers pipe bending services to a fully automatic PLC-controlled CNC pipe bending machine, which can automatically bend, transport and automatically rotate the pipe. The transport, rotation and bending of the four axes are controlled by the actuators.
    Applicable materials: steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, aluminum pipes, copper pipes, titanium pipes, galvanized pipes, etc.
    Especially suitable for machining pipe fittings with a diameter of 12 mm to a small diameter of 53 mm in diameter, with many spatial angles and high precision requirements. Such as: the production of air conditioning pipes, headrests, chairs, equipment, etc.

    The linear transmission part of the transport part consists of a high-precision ball screw and a high-wear-resistant linear guide rail, which ensures the precision of the transport.
    The bending arm adopts a high-strength silent chain drive, controlled by the oil cylinder, which ensures that the power of the bending pipe is abundant.
    The hydraulic circuit has cooling and speed control devices that are strong, stable and durable.


    Four-axis bending

    The system can display the coordinate positions of the X, Y + Y and Z axes in real time. It has four-axis detection functions X, Z, Y + Y and alarm. It has the function of product quantity statistics and working hours statistics, which is convenient for production management.

    Technical data

    Pipe bending parameters
    control system Numerical control
    Number of axes 4
    Maximum bending capacity Φ53x2mm
    Bending radius 35~200mm
    Bending angle 0~195°
    Thorn length 2200 mm
    Bending speed 70 ° / sec (can be adjusted)
    Bending accuracy ±0.15°
    Power bending actuator 7000w
    Transport speed 200~800mm/sec
    Transport accuracy ± 0,2 mm
    Power transmission actuator 1500w
    Rotation speed 270°/sec
    Rotational accuracy ±0.15°
    Rotary servo motor power 750w
    Total power 9,5 kW
    Hydraulic system pressure 12MPa